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Friday, June 24, 2011

It Makin' Hot!

Grenada is pretty close to the equator, so, the temperature is pretty consistent through the year. But lately, it’s been HOT- drenched in sweat from the effort it takes to chew hot. A local friend of mine summed up the feeling pretty succinctly yesterday when she said, “Ah not sweatin’, ah runnin’ a pipe.”

When we first arrived here I was always hot. It was a pretty major adjustment to leave New Jersey in the midst of a February snow storm and arrive in tropical Grenada. After a little over a year, I’m pretty proud of myself for even being able to feel the difference between a regular hot day and a seriously hot day. I still haven’t learned to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit so the numerical temperature really means nothing to me. Locals are always noting nuances in the weather in small talk, but to me, hot was hot was hot until my body finally acclimatised. I know there have been plenty of miserably hot and humid days in our native NJ lately, but I feel like the sun has a completely different character here. Our Peace Corps medical officer likes to say, “The Caribbean sun don’t play,” and she is not kidding.