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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Changing Faces of Domestic Violence

Violence against women is a serious problem in Grenada. As the 16 Days of Activism approaches, GNOW (Grenada National Organisation of Women), has been busy planning a campaign to address the issue. We found an amazing project and decided to copy it on a smaller scale (see a video here.)

The main goal of the project is to get Grenadians talking about domestic violence. Currently, talking about violence against women is taboo. People generally believe that violence that happens at home is the business of the family and no one else should interfere. These attitudes contribute to the perpetuation of violence against women and foster a culture that blames the victims. The first step towards change has to be bringing the issue out of the closet.

Our version of the South Africa 'Changing Faces of Domestic Violence' project involves a media campaign to encourage public discourse on the issue accompanied by the display of our changing faces on Grenada's two large digital billboards. We had a photo shoot on Friday to make the images and I did our model's make up.

Here are the results: