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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Island Jewelry

I spent a little time this weekend turning some of the things I've been collecting around the island into jewelry.

I picked these shells up on the beach in Carriacou.

Spices are one of the only things that are cheaper here than in the US. A packet of cloves costs about $2.50 EC ($~.90US). I got the idea for these spicy necklaces online- jewelry and perfume in one!

Sea glass is pretty abundant at the local beaches. Locals fault the 'yachties' for throwing beer bottles from their boats close to shore. The glass bottles break and the pieces are smoothed and polished by the rolling around in the sea and sand. I've been collecting it for a while and finally got around to making these earrings and necklaces when I found an alternative to drilling holes in the glass by making clips out of copper wire.

These 'river beads' come from a stalk-like plant that grows in- you guessed it- rivers. They have a pretty bluish tint and I think they look like oddly-shaped pearls.

I'm planning to make these with my Girl Guides group in the near future. I made a circle template on styrofoam (egg cartons) with straight pins and then wound string around to make the pattern. Next, I painted the string with watercolors. When the string died, I coated it in a layer of Elmer's glue to make it hold the shape. When the glue dried, I removed the pins . Voila! String art earrings!

Classic paper bead necklace. We made these at camp over the summer and my Girl Guides are making them next week. This one is made out of colorful Grenada tourism ads :)