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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Carnival: Brief Impressions of Big Events

Check out the pictures I posted on Picasa. They tell the story much better than I could ever hope to write it.

Soca Monarch
Ah jammin’ every man dat I meet on de road...
Get in a circle and form a tornado...

The words of these songs are burned into my brain.
We danced up a storm, literally.

The night before J’Ouvert felt like Christmas Eve. Jon and I were tossing and turning in anticipation until our alarm went off at 2:30am. Everything after that is a paint-smeared blur.
My neon green fingerprints are stained into the clothes of a hundred strangers.

Fancy Mas/Pageant
Our feather head-pieces and sequined bras speak for themselves.

Monday Night Mas
Street rave! We paraded down the street (again) in our sparkly, light-up, glow in the dark gear dancing to Soca and filling our ridiculously huge cups with Caribs at the drink truck.