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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Music Scene in Grenada

While you don’t have to go far to hear an American artist on the radio here (media culture is by far our biggest export), the music scene in the Caribbean is thriving on its own. Most of the pop stuff is dominated by Jamaicans, but there is also a vibrant calypso and soca scene. In the market downtown, DJs mix cds of different pop songs (sometimes before they’re officially released), and sell their remixes to the bus drivers. Thus, my rides are dominated by these local cuts, and a few get stuck in my head all the time. Here’s a couple of them (notice the dialect difference, too.)

Top Picks (on the bus)

-All of these are Jamaicans, except for Sparrow:

1. Romain Virgo: “Live mi Life” (personal favorite)

(see also, “Who feels it knows it”)

2. Gyptian: “Hold Yuh

(I hear this 2-3x daily, but usually as a cover or weird remix)

3. Junior X: “Gangsta Life

(also, “Plead My Cause”)

4. Vybz Kartel: “Spend Time

(also: “Street Vybz Rum”)

5. And just for kicks, here’s an oldie calypso I’ve heard recited probably too many times:

Mighty Sparrow: “Sal’ fish


Nekoyan Bain (one of my friends at the Ministry), is a rising star in Grenada, "For Sure"

More to follow, just now.